The footage will follow people as they work and will include activities such as shepherding, dairying, dry-stone walling, cutting hay/silage, lambing, peatland restoration, hay meadow conservation, tree planting and river conservation and restoration. Finally, we will talk to young people on apprenticeships about the future. The final output will be three 20 to 30-minute films which will be shown in village halls, schools, film festivals and conferences.

The scenes of people working will be interspersed with landscape footage. We will explore, hefted flock management, shepherding, dairying, cutting silage, lambing, restoration of watershed peatlands, conservation management of pasture and hay meadows, hillslope tree planting down to river conservation. Key scenes will be following shepherding with drones, using go-pro cameras harnessed to sheep dogs and sheep, time lapse of landscapes and rivers, high speed footage of animals as they move between fields and to and from the dairy parlour. We are looking for thoughts and perspectives on working in the dale’s landscapes, the challenges, and the beauty of the wildlife.

With an eye on the future we want the narrators to be from a local school(s) with the final section of the last film exploring how they want the world to be when they move from education into work

Gary Lawson will be the main cameraman, drone operator and editor; he holds a large array of

quality Canon and Blackmagic 4k and 6K cameras and lenses. He’s a CAA approved drone operator and a Phantom 4Pro drone. He has skills in Hi Speed imagery, time lapse, filming subjects, safe drone operations and general high standard filming skills.


David Higgins will be the primary researcher and planner, 2nd camera operator as well as

assistant editor and producer. Dave will be the Project Manager; he’ll be responsible

for developing the questions to provide direction for the people being filmed. Dave has a large

range of professional Canon L range prime lenses including prime telephoto lenses and HD

quality video kit.


Both Gary and Dave will work together on the story board and diary planning. Dave will hold

primary responsibility for setting workflows and arranging film days, but this will remain a

collaborative effort.